You are invited to attend the 10 year anniversairy, Kuli Mela event in Radhadesh. A festival focused on inspiring and bringing together Krishna Concious Youth. 

We are excited to invite you to Kulimela 2018, we hope you can join us in celebrating our community.

If you’ve never been to a mela before you can expect, ecstatic kirtan, transcendental prasadam, inspirational seminars, enlivening entertainment and energising activities.

Make sure you like and follow our page and click attending to ensure you see all our updates and take advantage our our early bird promos coming soon.

We also urge you to stay and take part in the Radhadesh Summer Festival for an extra two days of fun and association

Dates 25, 26, 27 July 2018

Summer Holi festival 28-29 July 2018

Keep tuned in for more info.

Hare Krishna

Radhadesh Kuli Mela 2018

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